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How can I sign up for a newsletter?

If you already have an account on, go to "Manage Account" and click on "eNewsletter Preferences." If you don't have an account, you can sign up for one for free to get this exclusive content.

Are your materials Common Core aligned?

Yes. We know meeting Common Core State Standards means you need ideas and activities that correlate and support the work you need to accomplish. In our grades K–6 resources, our editors carefully mark ideas, activities, and reproducibles with Common Core labels so you get exactly the resources you need quickly and easily. You can find the applicable Common Core ID in the at-a-glance box to the right of any content page on our site. Rest assured if your state does not use Common Core, our materials work with any state or national standards.

How can I use copyrighted materials from The Mailbox?

To request permission to feature our copyrighted materials in workshops or presentations or to request permission to make copies for colleagues, please supply all of the following information:

  1. Where was the material originally published?
    • For a book, list the book title, book item number, and page number.
    • For a magazine, list the magazine title and grade level, magazine issue and year, and page number.
    • For an online issue of The Mailbox, list the magazine issue (month) and year, and the idea title.
  2. Tell us more about how you will share the material.

    Copies for a workshop:

    • What is the purpose of your workshop?
    • How many will attend? Will the attendees be teachers, librarians, administrators, parents, or others?
    • When will it be held?
    • How many total pages are in the packet of materials that you will distribute? How will the pages be distributed (printed, or emailed)?
    • What materials will you distribute besides those from our company?
    • Will attendees pay to attend the workshop? Will you be paid to present the workshop?

    Or, copies to share with colleagues or team members:

    • Who are the copies for (teachers, librarians, administrators, parents, or others)? Will you hand them out or email?
    • How many people will be receiving a copy (or file) of the material?

Please provide all information requested above. Incomplete submissions will be delayed or returned. As stated in our publications, permission is granted to the original subscriber or purchaser to reproduce pages for individual classroom use only and not for resale or distribution. Reproduction for an entire school or school system is prohibited without permission.

Allow a minimum of 8 weeks for permission requests to be evaluated. Requests will be considered on a case by case basis and are for onetime use only. Depending on use and quantity, a fee may be assessed. Without exception, permission will not be granted for materials to appear on a website. Copyright information must appear on each page of materials.

Email requests to Permissions Department, The Mailbox:

How can I connect with you on social media?

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